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Taking Care of Your Smile During COVID-19

August 12, 2020

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has presented unprecedented challenges to both the public and medical practices. We want to inform you about the steps that Village Green Dentistry of Lincolnshire, Illinois has taken to protect the health of both its patients and staff. If you are still uncomfortable with elective dental visits, we also have some recommendations for you so that you can protect your oral health during this difficult time.

Advanced Air Filtration System

Being in the medical field, it should come as no surprise that the safety and health of both our patients and staff always receives our highest priority. This is why we recently added a cutting-edge air purifier to our ventilation system. The OXY 4 AirPurifier is a powerful way to remove harmful contaminants like bacteria, mold and viruses. In addition, our new system helps to remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and microorganisms.

At-Home Care Recommendations

If you still do not feel comfortable venturing outside because you fall into a vulnerable group, such as the elderly, immune-compromised, or have a chronic illness, there are still some things that you can do at home to keep up with your oral health so that when COVID-19 eventually fades away, your oral health is preserved.

The best thing that you can do at home until you visit the dentist is to regularly brush and floss your teeth as normal. Ideally, you should be brushing after every meal and snack. This will help to ensure that oral bacteria does not gain a foothold in your mouth. If you are unable to immediately brush your teeth after a snack or meal, it helps to simply rinse your mouth out with water until you are able to brush and floss. This will flush out much of the larger food debris that can feed oral bacteria.

While waiting for the pandemic to pass, there are other steps that you can take to get by on your own until you can visit the dentist. It is helpful to avoid biting down on hard, crunchy foods and candy, as these can compromise your teeth. You don't want to fracture a tooth or risk losing a filling that could expose your tooth to tooth decay, requiring immediate dental treatment. Along the same lines, avoid chewing on chewing gum that can pull out your dental work and increase the sugar load in your mouth.

Emergency Dental Care

Keep in mind that, although COVID-19 is a significant health risk, so is the health of your teeth and gums. If you should experience symptoms like tooth pain or chronically bleeding gums, be sure to contact us right away. The special measures that we have put into place are there to ensure the safety of everyone in our office. We are here to assist you so that you rest assured that your time with us is well spent, as well as being completely safe.

Some situations that call for emergency dental care include:

Tooth Pain

There is never any reason to allow oral pain to continue. If you are having a toothache, it could be caused by tooth decay or trauma. Whatever the cause may be, you should definitely contact our office right away if you experience ongoing tooth pain. If the cause is tooth decay, an ongoing infection can cause a tooth abscess and eventually result in the loss of one or more teeth. Such an infection can even produce systemic concerns throughout your body, leading to more serious health problems that go beyond your teeth and mouth.

Loose Tooth

Adult teeth should never be loose or wiggly. They should remain firmly anchored in your mouth. If you should experience a loosened tooth, please contact us right away so that we can examine you and determine the cause. We can recommend an appropriate treatment after examining you.

Sore or Bleeding Gums

It is not unusual to experience some minor bleeding of the gums when you overdo brushing or flossing. However, ongoing sore and bleeding gums is not normal. This could be an indication of gum disease. Medically known as periodontal disease, this serious condition is progressive and can cause the loss of teeth when left untreated.

The good news is that when gum disease is detected early, patients typically have a good prognosis. In fact, the condition is often reversible at this point. Letting things slide can lead to progressive gum disease that can cause teeth to loosen and eventually fall out, which produces problems of its own.

Contact Dmitry Sokol at Village Green Dentistry right away if you should experience tooth pain, a loose tooth, or sore and bleeding gums. You should also contact us if you any questions regarding COVID-19 and the steps that we have taken to ensure your safety when you visit our office.

Real Patient Testimonials

I highly recommend Dr. Sokol. He is a true artist when it comes to dentistry. I would NEVER go to another dentist. I have been a patient of his for over 10 years and trust him with my life. He genuinely cares about each patient and has done amazing work on my teeth. Everyone I have recommended him to has thanked me.

- Linda Danielson | Lincolnshire, IL

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