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6 Things to Know About Invisalign

In recent years, traditional braces have seen some amazing advances. Gone are the days that you may remember when braces were incredibly bulky, uncomfortable and really stood out. Treatment with traditional braces now utilizes smaller brackets that just look better on your teeth. Although modern braces are less obtrusive than ever, you may still be unable to get over the stigma and want to go with another treatment choice to achieve a straighter smile. Invisalign may be just what you are looking for.

The benefits that you can achieve by using the Invisalign system for straightening your teeth go way beyond simply achieving a beautiful smile. Your cosmetic enhancements are accompanied by significant health advantages, such as lowering the odds of developing tooth decay and gum disease.

In addition to correcting crooked, crowded or gapped teeth, Invisalign addresses problems with the bite where your jaws do not properly come together. Left untreated, problems with your bite can cause additional oral health problems including tooth loss, cavities, gum infections, difficulty in speaking or eating, and erosion of tooth enamel.

When teeth are crowded or widely spaced, periodontal disease can occur. When your teeth are in their proper positions, your gums will fit more snugly around your teeth to offer a strong defense against infection.

Having straight teeth means that your mouth will be healthier, more aesthetically pleasing, and your teeth are more likely to last for the rest of your life. Orthodontic corrections can end problems like gingivitis, bad breath, chipping of teeth, and tooth sensitivity. In addition to correcting ongoing problems, Invisalign can assist you in preventing more significant problems from developing, including tooth loss.

1. Invisalign Is Advanced Technology

Invisalign is a cutting-edge treatment that provides a great alternative to conventional braces, which is why the system has become the most popular type of removable dental brace. The system is known for shifting teeth into their proper positions in a very gentle and gradual way without relying upon prominent brackets and wires involved with traditional dental braces. Your Invisalign appliance are constructed from medical-grade materials that are virtually invisible.

2. Invisalign Is an innovative Solution for Straightening Teeth

Although the clear aligners used in Invisalign predate the late 1990s, similar trays were in use for many years prior. Today’s Invisalign system utilizes proprietary software that shifts misaligned teeth into their proper positions using a series of customizable aligners. Once each stage of the treatment process is complete, your current set of aligners will be replaced by a new set to continually move your teeth according to your treatment plan. This normally takes place every week or two, depending upon your unique treatment plan.

3. Invisalign Offers Greater Freedom and Flexibility

Invisalign is an incredibly convenient treatment that provides you far greater freedom and flexibility than alternative treatments. A perfect example of this is food restrictions. With metal braces, you cannot eat or snack on foods that are hard, crunchy or sticky, because they could adhere to your appliances. Not a problem with Invisalign. You simply remove your aligners whenever necessary to eat or drink.

4. Invisalign Supports Oral Hygiene

Having removable aligners makes it far easier to keep up with your regular oral hygiene routine. It can be incredibly frustrating to brush and floss around wires and brackets, as well as being tedious and time-consuming. Your convenient Invisalign aligners can be conveniently removed before you brush and floss normally. It is also incredibly easy to care for your aligners. Special kits are available for cleaning your aligners, or you can brush them gently using a soft toothbrush.

5. Invisalign is Convenient

Since the Invisalign system does not involve any wires or brackets that get in your way, this system is amazing for athletes or musicians who play certain instruments like the trumpet where you must fit your mouth tightly within a mouthpiece. You can remove them for a short period of time, making the system perfect for events when you want to display your natural smile, like at weddings, proms or senior pictures.

6. Invisalign is Virtually Invisible

There is a reason that Invisalign contains the prefix “Invis”: This system is virtually undetectable in your mouth. The aligners were designed to be clear so that the system is as unobtrusive as possible. Contrast this with other systems like metal braces that are immediately obvious.

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