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What are The Most Popular Dental Procedures

Village Green Dentistry offers a wide range of cosmetic procedures ranging from simple treatments like teeth whitening to more complicated procedures like dental implants. Because there have been incredible advances in recent years in the field of cosmetic dentistry, patients are not always aware of their treatment options. We put together this post to give you some information about your cosmetic treatment options so that you can make an informed decision about your health and smile.

1. Teeth Whitening

Everyone wants the Hollywood smile that lights up a room, but most adults have had some degree of teeth staining due mainly to the consumption of dark-colored beverages like coffee, tea, and red wine, as well as smoking.

Before settling on a professional teeth whitening treatment, many patients choose to attempt it themselves at home using various over-the-counter products. Unfortunately, most of them walk away feeling disappointed. The fact is that nothing can match the teeth whitening ability of a professional treatment.

Not only is our whitening gel of a far greater strength than is available over-the-counter, we are able to provide professional supervision every step of the way to ensure that your teeth and gums are protected. Contrast this with many at-home products that leave your teeth and gums feeling sensitive long after the treatment.

Over-the-counter whitening products can sometimes whiten your teeth a few shades, but they cannot match professional results. If you would like to whiten your teeth many shades, please contact Village Green Dentistry to schedule a convenient professional teeth whitening treatment.

2. Porcelain Veneers

Have you noticed that a growing number of people are walking around with incredibly white and bright smiles lately? Hollywood celebrities have led the way for the incredible popularity of dental veneers that can correct minor imperfections with teeth like chips, gaps and stains.

The most popular material for veneer construction is porcelain due to its superior stain-resistant properties and durability. By getting porcelain veneers, you are receiving two treatments in one: correction of issues like chips or gaps, as well as a dramatic whitening of your smile.

Your porcelain veneers can be placed in just two convenient appointments. During the first, we form an impression of your teeth to allow for the creation of a mold. A dental lab uses this mold to create your porcelain veneers, which we place at a subsequent appointment.

3. Dental Implants

Of all of the methods that cosmetic dentistry has at its disposal for replacing missing teeth, dental implants are by far the best option. There simply is no tooth replacement procedure that can offer you such a superior, long-lasting result.

Dental Implant Procedure

Dental implants typically consist of a small titanium post that will be replacing the root of your missing tooth. The type of surgery used for placement is considered to be very minor and routine, only requiring local anesthesia for most patients. Once you have healed, your new dental implant will be completed with the placement of a lifelike dental crown that matches the appearance of your natural teeth.

So your initial appointment involves the placement of a titanium screw into your jawbone where your missing tooth once was. As part of an alloy, or mixture of metals, titanium is a strong metal that should not react in any way to the soft tissues and bone found in your mouth.

While you’re healing from your initial appointment, your jawbone will be busy fusing to your new dental implant, providing a robust support for what will appear and function just like a natural tooth.

After this healing period is complete, we will place what is known as an abutment onto the titanium post. This allows us to place a capping crown over the top of the implant to serve as a chewing surface that appears identical to a natural tooth.

Benefits of Dental Implants

  • Long-lasting results that can be expected to last for a lifetime with proper care.
  • Preserves jawbone that would otherwise melt away when a tooth is missing.
  • Prevents adjacent teeth from shifting into the empty space left by the missing tooth.
  • Superior to bridges that last on average only 10 years.
  • Prevents possible unpleasant changes to facial contours due to bone resorption.

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If you are interested in teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, dental implants, or any of our other procedures, please contact Village Green Dentistry today to schedule a consultation or appointment and take your smile to the next level with one of our cosmetic dentistry procedures.